What is Vox Resonat?

Vox Resonat is a group of singers dedicated to bringing the musical masterpieces of the distant past to life for a modern audience. The members of Vox Resonat are accomplished soloists who enjoy singing in an ensemble where the power and beauty of each individual voice can be heard, an ensemble with a sound greater than the sum of its parts.

Vox Resonat envisions a world where a music lover can enjoy Monteverdi, Tallis or Machaut performed as often and as well as Mozart, Beethoven or Verdi. Every age has produced great music, and libraries and archives are full of wonders that are rarely heard. This leaves a tragic gap in our musical life that Vox Resonat aims to fill. 

The repertoire of Vox Resonat includes some of the most beautiful and deeply spiritual music ever created. By turns lush and spare, virtuosic and serene, it spans seven centuries, from the earliest notated chant of the 10th century through the Baroque masterpieces of Monteverdi and Schütz.  Recent programs have featured medieval organum, conductus and motets from the Notre Dame school, the Codex Las Huelgas and the Codex Calixtinus; 14th century Italian laude and motets from England, Italy and France; 15th century English Carols; Renaissance settings of the Lamentations of Jeremiah; and the Musikalisches Exequien (Requiem) of the Baroque pioneer, Heinrich Schütz. Vox Resonat collaborates with leading Northwest instrumentalists as the repertoire requires.